Genisat put in operation new SNMP based monitoring system for satellite links. Now clients can get access (via Internet) to performance graphs showing the realtime Rx, Tx data rate and Round Trip Time measured by on site sensors. VSATs not supporting SNMP require additional SNPM sensor in order to measure performance data.

Genisat offers TCP acceleration solutions, increasing the performance/data throughput of a dedicated (DVB, SCPC) satellite link by 30% and more (in average), speeding up Internet browsing and email transfer. Several hardware platforms for installation on client site are available. mGuard pep - a plug and play solution for links up to 512kbps offers additional security functionalities (firewall, VPN).  Client servers are available for links up to 20mbps.

Genisat provides cost effecitive two way Internet access service on AMC-12. The high power satellite allows use of 1.8m dishes in C-band. The service complements the existing DVB & SCPC services on PAS4 and Intelsat 903.

The service provides guaranteed (dedicated) bandwidth (both Rx and Tx) on low cost.