We are providing cost effective turn key solutions for broadband Internet access and corporate voice/data networks via satellite to clients in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Corporations, small and large ISPs, NGOs and PSTN/fixed wireless carriers can take advantage of our services.

Satellite links utilizing DVB and/or SCPC technologies are the fastest and most current way to access the Internet today. We are providing a complete range of services including VoIP / multiplexed voice transmission, connectivity for data communication, Internet access and Video over IP.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol telephone calls bypass the typical public-switched telephone network and transmit voice calls over the Internet. Using two way satellite links with Quality of Service, cost effective voice connectivity can be granted to any place in the world.
We offer VoIP termination and team up with leading carriers in America, Europe and Middle East.

It is difficult to imagine life today without the Internet.
Our broadband Internet satellite service provides a cost effective single platform solution for voice, data and video application.
In order to serve your needs for communication, we can offer any high-speed connectivity ranging from 64kbps to 34 mbps - inside the footprint of satellites we are using.
The  investement and monthly fees for our two way services are low.

Video over Internet Protocol is one of the more intriguing communications possibilies. It plays an important role in distance learning / training school applications as well as in  videoconferencing, public  safety and security. 
We provide satellite services and equipment guaranteeing quality of service - which is required to run Video over IP - and we have proven solutions in place to protect your communication.